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Did Your VA Disability Claim Get Denied?

If your VA disability claim was denied, don’t worry — several other veterans have been right where you are. Many claims are either rated too low or rejected the first time they are submitted. However, through the appeals process, they are able to increase their VA rating.

You might be wondering, “why did the VA deny my claim?”

The VA often denies claims for veteran disability benefits because:

You Need a Diagnosis

There was no proof that the disabling injury or condition exists. This means you must establish a service connection. It should be related to service and something that hinders your daily functioning and earning capacity.

You Lack Proof

There was no proof to support your injury or condition was a direct result of serving in the military. For example, if you were injured in a training accident, exposed to loud noises or toxic chemicals, or witnessed a traumatic event — Any of these would qualify as an in-service event.

Your Claim Does Not Match Your DBQ

Many times if the medical examiner’s opinion does not match your claim that your condition is a result of military service, then you will get denied. This is why it is essential to get in contact with a medical provider that will take YOUR WORD as medical evidence.

You Missed Deadlines

It is essential to meet deadlines when filing for VA claims and appeals. This includes submitting the proper paperwork, submitting additional information in your eBenefit account, and attending your C&P exams. If you do not complete these tasks, then the VA can deny your claim.

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