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Eagle Rising Veteran Consultants is a medical transcription service that bridges the gap between licensed Private Medical Providers (“PMP”) and Veterans seeking VA Disability Benefit evaluations.

We work with Medical Providers to ensure the severity of a Veteran’s symptoms are correctly transcribed on Disability Benefits Questionnaires (“DBQs”).

If you are frustrated with your current disability rating and do not feel that you received a proper evaluation, you might benefit from our medical transcription service.

“Excellent consultants. Took me through my process so effectively and effortlessly I literally couldn’t believe it. Only problem is I just don’t have anymore people to tell about the company. Very highly recommended.”

Jeremy Z.


“Eagle Rising Veteran Consulting is outstanding. They go above and beyond to help veterans. I had many questions they answered all of them. Eagle Rising is a great Consultant and their customer service is the best. Good work for helping all veterans!!”

Colby C.


“They were very professional and even with the coronavirus shut down of everything they still got my things done in the timely manner and a lot quicker than they said it would take. I’m very please and could not ask for a better team to take care of us.”

Michael W.


When attempting to increase your disability, you put the fate of your evaluation in the hands of contracted VA Doctors. As you may have experienced with past examinations, many C&P lack compassion and/or are unwilling to take YOUR WORD as medical evidence, which generally produces an inconsistency between how you reported your symptoms and the rating you received. Using private medical providers who understand the VA claims process and ensuring your symptoms are correctly documented could result in the proper rating that you deserve.

How Does It Work?

1. Contact Us!

To get started, you can either call us or fill out our contact form. We will perform a FREE review of your service-connected disabilities.

2. Medical Provider Review

We refer you to medical providers in your area who know the VA's claim process and schedule an appointment to review your service-connected disabilities.

3. Submit Your Claim to the VA

The medical provider will give you signed Disability Benefits Questionnaires. From there, we will provide generalized guidance throughout the rest of your VA claim process.

2022 VA Disability Compensation Rates

VA disability compensation is a tax-free benefit paid to veterans with a disability that developed or worsened while serving in the military or due to military service. Are you a Disabled Veteran looking to file a VA claim? You may be eligible for Service-Connected disability pay too.

Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits

Are you wondering if your disability makes you eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

In order to qualify for VA benefits, you must have an honorable discharge. You must also meet a three-part test which includes:

Did Your VA Disability Claim Get Denied?

If your VA disability claim was denied, don’t worry — several other veterans have been right where you are. Many claims are either rated too low or rejected the first time they are submitted. However, through the appeals process, they are able to increase their VA rating.

Get the FULL benefits you deserve! Call us or fill out our contact form below.